CLWO is an umbrella organisation founded in 2002 and is made up of individual members both male and female who are dedicated to Wildlife and Environmental conservation, and Community Development at grassroots level in Kasese District-Uganda.






CLWO "ensures sustainable Social Cultural and Economical Development through a planned environment that enhances quality life for man, plants and animals in Kasese District".


CLWO ensure the success of the eventual involvement of local communities and schools in managing, analysing their own circumstances in respect for local knowledge in resources management.


CLWO was founded with the main purpose of establishing and involving the local communities and schools in wildlife and environmental related development activities as well.

As we find new ways to broaden our activities and building relationship between conservation managers and the local communities, we are very much enthusiastic for having been able to strengthen and bridge the gulf that often needlessly separates local communities surrounding wildlife protected areas who are able to work toward shared goals.