Community Livelihood Wildlife Outreach


"Ensure sustainable Social Cultural and Economical Development through a planned environment that enhances quality life for man, plants and animals in Kasese District".


To ensure the success of the eventual involvement of local communities and schools in managing and analysing their own circumstances in respect for local knowledge in resources management and monitoring.


“Man And Earth I Care - Do You!”
Sensitising local communities and schools particularly those living within and adjacent to Wildlife protected areas (Virunga ranges on Uganda side, Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori mountain conservation areas) is the main role of our organisation.


CLWO operates under the umbrella and patronage of Kasese District Development Net-Work (KADDE-NET), the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Wildlife Clubs of Uganda (WCU), Ministry of Tourism and Trade Industries, and the Ministry of Labour and Gender.

Monitoring Process

Our community projects are monitored through progress reports, site visits, project evaluations and workshops. For the training programme, each trainee is required to keep a daily logbook, extensive notes, conduct an oral presentation and submit a written report.