chldWe believe that grassroots efforts is the only key to solving many of the communities’ livelihood, environmental and conservation problems. Our local people are highly aware of environmental degradation problems around them, and they are usually the ones most vulnerable to its ravages but lack support in terms of manpower, guidance, and finance, which retard the efforts towards action and implementation.

We believe that given support of any kind, our Grassroots groups (in this case the school children, women groups, youth, widows(ers) (AIDS/HIV victims), and divorcees) would be in the best position to identify and address grass-root causes of poverty and degradation. Communities' moral authority is essential for building broader public involvement and support. Although we always lack financial resources, we are able and powerful to enforce developmental, environmental and wildlife conservation progress.

We are optimistic that the little support we would revive in material, financial terms or and voluntary services, would support a variety of approaches all around the vulnerable communities in Kasese - Uganda.

  • Who knows where the next great idea or environmental leader will emerge?
  • Who knows what action will have the greatest impact?

Like an incubator of positive change, we can be there at the beginning as great things begin to happen.

As Secretary General, Kofi A. Annan in his message during the UN World Environment Day June 5, 2001 said;

“It is believed that, human kind’s future is inextricably woven with that of the plants, animals and ecosystem of the planet. More than ever, life on earth requires of us a sense of universal responsibility and sustainability is in everybody’s interest, rich and the poor alike. We also believe that joining together is not a matter of choice, it is a necessity”.

In our struggle, CLWO shall indeed emphasize on Conservation and Environmental Education, Tourism, and human development to be the key issues to address to the local communities, schools and CLWO members as well.