Problem Statement

In the past decades, our region (Kasese) teemed with wild natural plants, animals and viable population of local residents. Local communities accessed and benefited from the use of some of these natural resources without great difficulties. However, due to ageing population, increasing numbers of school drop-out, influence of the displaced people from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Illegal trafficking in wildlife more especially chimpanzees and Parrots across DR. Congo - Uganda borders, increased poaching activities and inadequate community sensitisation activities, has resulted into depletion of the locally available natural resources hence putting in grave danger the future of our natural heritage.

likySome members of local communities have lost their dear ones due to illegal hunting, and pit-sawing. A number of Women have been left without husbands and life has been so difficult for these local families without appropriate community sensitisation, and socioeconomic activities. Charcoal burning is a big problem, local residents have been attacked and killed by wild animals while harvesting firewood and burning charcoals within wildlife protected areas.

Above picture: are two men arrested after having killed a chimpanzee as bush meat.