Eco-Education Program

Eco-Education Program

ACLEM - 2CLWO provides unique single-day or multi-day eco-education programs to serve students, teachers and professors, interns, volunteers, researchers, resident guests, local or touring day visitors and special interest adult groups. The number of community and government school groups that CLWO serves steadily increases each year.

Education programs are designed to address the needs, interests and abilities of those who would like to visit one of our wildlife protected area (Queen Elizabeth national Park). Elementary and high school groups are guided through learning experiences tailored to their respective education levels. Students of higher education may be involved in deeper investigations and research on the property, either under their own self-direction or the guidance of CLWO naturalists. Additionally, adults who are informal learners are given the opportunity to explore as extensively as they wish.

Students can take part in programs ranging from a half-day to 3 days, with the most popular being single-day, 3-day programs.

Programs offered usually include a combination of CLWO eco-education and ecotourism activities, as well as optional ecotourism activities provided outside of CLWO (please see ECO-EDUCATION PROGRAMS, on the menu above. CLWO education staff works individually with each visiting group to tailor the best possible experience.

To work with a CLWO educator to design a unique experience for your school group, please contact us:
Community livelihood and Wildlife Outreach
P.o – Uganda
Phone: +256-779591387
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.