The successful establishment of CLWO activities in Kasese has helped to ensure eventual involvement of local communities and schools in participatory community development, environmental and wildlife conservation activities and monitoring. A number of beneficiaries has been identified in association with the project:

Community Development

Through our Rural Training Centre, and Tree nursery development, CLWO has augmented on the government policy of reducing on the level of unemployment; reduced on the level of engagement in abusive behaviors such as poaching, encroaching on protected areas, drug abuse, robbery, and recruitment into rebel activities, sex abuse and alcoholism. Promoted self employment through tailoring skills at grassroots levels. The development of woodlots at village and school levels has helped reduce pressure from the local communities on to wildlife protected areas for fuel wood collection and reduction on the risks of encountering wild animals and long distance walking among women.

There has been a qualitative improvement in women and children's daily lives, since fuel wood and medicinal plants is now locally available within the reach of the local communities.

Local Community

The organisation helps local communities realise the wise use and benefits of conserving the available natural resources around them. Establishment of woodlots, energy saving technique has helped local communities use less fuel, minimise the effect of indoor air pollution, and reduced the pressure on natural forests in the Rwenzori ranges. Tree nursery area, information centre and local medicinal demonstration nursery has been used by the community as a resource centre and has helped the local population of Kasese and Uganda become aware and realise the value and use of natural plants as curative means among others.