As the tourism sector in Africa begins to grow up, local communities also need the opportunity to realise the benefits of eco-tourism as well. In one of the general chapter between members of Duukwa Organisation for Rural Development, Wildlife Education and Environmental Protection (CLWO) (an advocacy NGO on wildlife and Environmental Protection), unanimously agreed that it was high time the Organisation got involved in tour operations whereby the proceeds generated would be used to benefit and boost on wildlife, development and environmental education activities among local communities and schools around protected areas in Kasese District.

From the above proceeding, CLWO members agreed to have KIFARU AFRICAN EXPEDITIONS as a separate company to handle tour operations under the direct supervision of CLWO Executive committee. This welcomes the initiatives of interested visitors both local and international to have an experience of a lifetime in visiting local communities and touring fascinating wildlife protected areas in Uganda, Rwanda with the sole aim of contributing to local community conservation activities and supporting the profile of environmental and conservation issues. (See more information on )

Visitors will also learn from our experience the role wildlife plays as an educational tool appropriate to the local audience — for example, the importance of some species in cultural development and the role integrated conservation and development plays among the locals. Guided tours to local community groups will introduce visitors to the lifestyles of the local inhabitants as well.

Deciding on which safaris/trips that suits you best can sometimes be difficult BUT we have provided in the website some out-line information about Uganda's national parks, Mountains and other tourist attractions. (Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Rwenzori Mountain Climbing, Queen Elizabeth National Park,  Bwindi Impenetrable Conservation area).

We have also put together some of our proposed Safaris Itineraries BUT if you wish to have a different arrangement, please feel free to contact us such that we are able to arrange according to your wish and or advise you as well. (Please see our proposed Safaris itineraries on the above website).
Our fleet of safari Vehicles is in order that your comfort is not sacrificed in any way and is suited to afford any African or Ugandan road on dry and rain seasons as well as where our itineraries can take our Visitors.

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Driver /guides speak English and French and they are experienced persons trained in defensive driving and attended a four-wheel driving course in low range and self recovery. They are also your guide with extensive knowledge of the country's history, Wildlife, Birdlife and more about the nature of Uganda.

Thanks for choosing “CLWO” Organisation your choice for community development.