chldPrimary pupils, students and teachers are learning about and experiencing the excitement and importance of Kasese's natural resources. The education programme runs at the Organisation's Communal Information Centre (CIC), and is also brought to schools in the areas during our out-reach programme. Children are invited to participate in activities that encourage support and understanding not only for the plants, but also for all of Uganda's rapidly disappearing natural resources.

CLWO has designed and printed teachers' environmental guide books and brochures. These materials are distributed to primary and secondary schools within and around Wildlife protected areas (An estimation of about 12,000 pupils and students). Environmental talk shows over the local FM radios are held thrice a month for the purpose of public sensitisation. Video shows, Wildlife essay competitions, and Wildlife dramas in primary and secondary schools are among the main activities on our programme.

Uganda's Domestic Tourism Industry

CLWO works in collaboration with Kifaru African Expeditions that offer a unique opportunity for domestic and foreign tourists to have an experience and learn about ex-situ conserved natural resources (locally endangered medicinal plants). CLWO is also offering to its visitors a full information package for better wise use of natural resources. All these opportunities are exciting and educational, and help provide an understanding of Kasese's unique and indispensable biodiversity.